autism creature named labrava

Autism Creature Named Labrava!

Finally made a neocities. Extreme fun!

Goals for this website is to learn coding, put all my interests here, make some shrines, and just have loads of fun. It still looks pretty generic because of the website layout but once I learn CSS, it's over for all of you.

If I'm not cut out for being a therapist, maybe I can be a deadbeat web developer. Ew.

God, this website needs so much editing. Lemme make a to-do list here and now.

  • Change the background, page width, and general structure of the layout
  • Find some great fonts, tiles, to better customize this website
  • Construct the pages connected to the links one by one, in the navigation bar.
  • Just learn basic coding lmao
  • Have something to say about my website? Check the sidebar to see my opinions!